The Wallace Wharf

Wharf Traffic The community of Wallace has a long history as a fishing harbour, and the wharf’s location in the heart of the village makes it a focal point for commercial fishing, and increasingly, pleasure craft. The lobster season along this part of Northumberland Strait runs from May 1st until June 30th. In this season the wharf is humming with activity of fishermen, fish buyers, families, and free advisors. During other seasons the activity is not as intense. As many as twenty five fishing boats are in the water at this home port, and as many light trucks are on the wharf. The catches are not as good as they once were, but the economy is bustling as boats and trucks need fuel, wages are paid, lobsters are sold. The local convenience store is located strategically to the north of the wharf and a fish processing plant neighbours to the east.

The wharf itself is 315 feet long and an “L” shaped section at the end measuring 120 feet protects the fleet during weather from the north. Depth of water at high tide ranges from six to twelve feet at various points along the wharf. Fixtures on the wharf include several tie cleats, ladders, a navigational aid maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard, light poles, hoist, fuel system, and waste oil tank. The haul out ramp is located along the west side.

Wharf loaded with traps The Wallace Harbour Wharf is owned by Small Craft Harbours, a division of Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The wharf is leased to the Harbour Authority of Wallace, a local non-profit incorporation of fishers and members of the community who are mandated to manage the port’s daily operations. The Harbour Authority of Wallace has seen the trend toward increased traffic of pleasure craft using the wharf or anchoring in the harbour because of insufficient facilities elsewhere. The idea of having a marina for these pleasure craft has first grown into a plan, then a business study by Marinova Consulting. Land has been acquired for this marina. The fulfillment of the marina project will not occur until the economic environment improves, but the process has begun.

There are many good reasons for establishing a marina at Wallace. There are a wealth of cottage owners who would use the facility; it would compliment the private marina at Fox Harb’r Resort and the proposed growth at Pugwash marinas; Wallace has locally available services to provide tourism and hospitality needs; Wallace is ideally situated for day trippers from P.E.I., Cape Breton, or New Brunswick; Wallace harbour offers a picturesque voyage up the channel which is clearly marked and accessible; marine related sectors already exist for fueling, watering, dumping, etc.