Canoeing and Kayaking

There are several ideal areas in the Wallace area for a day of paddling in either canoe or kayak.

Launching at the Aboiteau and paddling east up the channel during the high tide period offers many tidal canals to explore. The area is known for its variety of birds so expect to encounter eagles, osprey, and various water fowl. Seals also enjoy these tidal waterways.

Launching from the boat ramp at the Wallace Wharf provides access to the sheltered harbour. Going east along the south side you can explore the shoreline of Lazy Bay. Launching from the north side of the harbour is also an option. You can paddle around into Fox Harbour Bay to explore its shoreline or that of Jerry Island. On this bay’s south side is Fox Harbour Provincial Park, also known as Warm Waters Park, where you can stop for a respite. When the weather is good, you can leave the protection the bay and experience a fine paddle around Oak Island.

Wallace Bay, Birds on spit
From either launch, a trip from Wallace Bay up the Wallace River can be done. Paddling up river on the rising tide as far as the Kerr’s Mill Bridge and then returning on the falling tide is a pure delight. There are many little side excursions up creeks and inlets along the way that add to the fun. This Wallace River paddle is a good way to spend five to six hours. Another way to enjoy the Wallace River is to launch upstream in Middleboro or Wentworth, depending on how long an adventure you want, and paddle down the river to the bay.

Horton Beach may also be used to launch and is closer to Fox Harbour if that is your destination.

With the exception of the trip to Oak Island, all of these trips are in sheltered waters. Maps and tide information can be obtained at the Wallace and Area Museum.